Pilates for Horse Riders

Recreational rider or a keen competitor? Pilates will improve your horse riding skills by focussing on balance and alignment  and is suitable for riders of all levels. Pilates will improve:

  • your posture and therefore your riding position
  • your alignment and balance helping you to sit more deeply in the saddle and be more centred, which will improve your horse’s way of going
  • your core stability - your ability to move your limbs independently of your spine
  • your flexibility
  • your body awareness helping you to move more effectively and efficiently allowing your horse to understand your aids better
  • your breathing helping you to feel more relaxed, confident and focused

Pilates for horse ridersA better understanding of how to use your body reduces wear and tear on your joints and an increase in muscle strength and stamina also helps you cope with the hard work associated with looking after your horse.

Please see the classes page for days/times of private lessons.


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